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आज हम बात करने वाले है best fans under 2000 in India जो आपके लिए बहुत उपयोगी है, इनका उपयोग करके आप अपने जीवन जीने तरीके को आसान बना सकते है। हमारे जीवन में बहुत सी चीजे होती है जो हमारे लिए बहुत ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण होती है इन best fans under 2000 की तरह। यह हमारे समय और मेहनत को बचाती है और अपने कार्य को बेहतरीन तरीके से करके हमें सहायता प्रदान करती है। इसीलिए हम इन best fans under 2000 in India को आपके सामने प्रस्तुत करके इनका उपयोग करने के लिए प्रेरित करते है।

अगर आप best fans under 2000 in India की तलाश कर रहे कर रहे है तो आप बिल्कुल सही जगह पर है आपको यहां पर भारत के best fans under 2000 की सूचि प्राप्त मिलेगी, जो आपको एक best fans under 2000 चुनने में मदद करेगी। आज का दिन आपके लिए बहुत खास हो सकता है क्योकि आज आपको इन best fans under 2000 के साथ कुछ ऑफर्स और डिस्काउंट भी प्राप्त हो सकते है।

आज आपको best fans under 2000 बहुत अच्छी price और ऑफर्स के साथ उपलब्ध हो जायेगा, आप नीचे दी गई भारत के बेहतरीन fans under 2000 की व्यवस्थित सूचि में से अपने लिए best fans under 2000 को चुन सकते है।

यह सभी best fans under 2000 In India बेहतरीन और amazon पर बहुत अच्छे review प्राप्त है, इनको आप बेझिजक अपने लिए अपने सकते है। अगर आप इन best fans under 2000 को आज खरीदते है तो आपको बहुत अच्छा डिस्काउंट और ऑफर प्राप्त हो सकता है जो आपके लिए एक फायदेमंद सौदा हो सकता है। निचे आपकी पसंद के अनुरूप best fans under 2000 in India को सूचीबद्व किया गया है, जिनमे से आप किसी को भी अपने लिए चुन सकते है।

हमने इन best fans under 2000 का चयन इनकी best rating, best selling, इनके best features और personal experience आदि के आधार पर किया है। इन best best fans under 2000 in India की सूचि में से आप किसी भी fans under 2000 को अपने लिए चुन सकते है।

भारतीय ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन बाजार में बहुत से fans under 2000 उपलब्ध है लेकिन आपको यह नहीं पता होता की इनमे से कोनसा Best है और कोनसा ख़राब। अगर आपसे कोई व्यक्ति यह पूछे की कोनसा fans under 2000 सबसे अच्छा है तो सायद ही आप उसके प्रश्न का उत्तर सही से दे पाए।

लेकिन आप आज से अभी से ही इसका उत्तर से सही से दे पायेंगे क्योकि हमने आपको best fans under 2000 In India की सूचि प्रदान की है जिनमे से आप अपने लिए भी चुन सकते है और प्रश्न पूछने वाले के साथ भी साझा कर सकते है। अब आपकी इसप्रकार की समस्या का होगा समाधान review4you पर, अपने दोस्तों को भी अपने समाधान के बारे में बताये।

Top 8 Best fans under 2000 List in India

यह सभी best fans under 2000 Top Rated (4+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) और Best Reviews प्राप्त है। हम आपको
Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ultra High Speed 400 RPM Ceiling Fan का उपयोग करने की सलाह देंगे क्योंकि यह वर्तमान में भारतीय ऑनलाइन बाजार में उपलब्ध सबसे अच्छे उत्पादों में से एक है, आज ही इसे अपने लिए चुने बहुत अच्छे ऑफर के साथ। (share with your friends)

Top 8 Best fans under 2000 in India

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Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ultra High Speed 400 RPM Ceiling Fan (Brown)
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • HIGH SPEED: Superior air delivery with high-speed airflow of 400 RPM and high air delivery of 210 CMM.
  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor with double ball bearing technology for smooth operations.
  • CORROSION-FREE: Powder-coated ribbed blades assure strength and longer life.
  • STYLISH AND ELEGANT: Metallic finish motor ring and blade trims that add to the decor of the room.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Ceiling Fan, 1 Warranty Card, and 1 Instruction Manual.

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • Sweep : 1200mm, Power : 56W, Air Delivery : 205CMM;Double Ball Bearing : Increases load bearing capacity and durability
  • Quick-start High Torque Motor : Provides instant comfort by achieving high performance quickly;Ribbed Blades : Improves Blades Stability
  • Warranty : 2 years on product;Warranty: 2 years
  • Power: 56 watts;Includes: 1 Ceiling Fan
  • Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Material Type: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Controller Type: Button Control

Crompton Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (Lustre Brown, Pack of 1)
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • PRODUCT: Crompton's corrosion resistant high performance fan with powder-coated blades for enhanced aesthetics
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm, Power consumption 72 W, Speed 380 RPM, Air delivery 200 CMM
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades
  • STURDY: 2-piece construction to ensure stability and silent operation
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 motor, set of 3 blades, set of 2 canopy, 1 down rod, 1 shackle assembly, product manual along with warranty card

Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200mm (48 inch) High Speed Designer Ceiling Fan (White Bronze), Pack of 1
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • PRODUCT: Crompton's premium design ceiling fan with a strong cooling effect TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep Size 1200 mm; Speed 380 RPM; Air Delivery 210 CMM; Input Power 70W
  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS: 100% copper motor, double ball bearings and dynamically balanced blades
  • RUST FREE: Powder coated aluminium blades offer life long corrosion resistance
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Ceiling Fan, 1 Motor, Set of Blades, Set of 2 Canopy, 1 Down Rod, 1 Shackle assembly, Instructions Manual and Warranty Card
  • Collection Name: Crompton Hill Briz Deco Designer Ceiling Fan; Mounting Type: Downrod Mount; Finish Type: Painted


Rs. 1,990
Rs. 1,099
3 new from Rs. 1,099
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • ✅POWERFUL AIRFLOW (390 RPM) - Low-density helps make this silent ceiling fan lightweight to provide a superior air throw and long-lasting durability. The powerful motor works at 390 RPM, producing high-speed airflow for your comfort, while the premium quality material allows for better heat dissipation for efficiency.
  • ✅1200 MM BLADES SWEEP - Designed with 1200 mm blades to offer an airflow that ensures a wider conical spread of breeze in all corners of the room. Power Consumption: The high-end engineering of this ceiling fan helps it consume just 50 W of power, so there's no need to worry about the electric bill.
  • ✅DOUBLE BALL BAERING - The powerful motor come with double ball bearing which makes sure that the fan runs smoothly without making much noise. The two ball bearings help to improve the fan's stability, reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the fan.
  • ✅EXCLUSIVE WITH HIGH FLOW TECHNOLOGY - Heavy crc stamping to enhance the life of the fan. This fan is also energy-efficient, using less energy to move the same amount of air as a normal ceiling fan. High flow technology ceiling fans are ideal for larger spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms.
  • ✅AERO DYNAMICALLY DESIGNED BLADES - The Aerodynamic ceiling fan blades that are designed to optimize air flow and reduce turbulence. The aerodynamic design allows for a smooth flow of air which helps to increase the fan's efficiency and reduce noise.

Candes Lynx High Speed Anti-dust Decorative 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan 2 Yrs Warranty (1200MM, Coffee Brown)

Rs. 2,299
Rs. 1,519
4 new from Rs. 1,519
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
ColorCoffee Brown

Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm / 24 Inch High Speed 4 Blade Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan Suitable for Kitchen / Veranda / Balcony / Small Room (Pack of 1,Smoke Brown)

Rs. 2,299
Rs. 1,189
5 new from Rs. 1,189
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • ✅ QUALITY MATERIALS & SIZE: Constructed with 100% CNC Winding material, this fan for room is durable. With a size of 600mm, this compact ceiling fan is perfect for small rooms, balconies, and verandas. The package includes 1 main unit, blades, and installation kit for easy setup.
  • ✅ ENERGY EFFICIENT & HIGH SPEED: This energy efficiency of the compact ceiling fans for home 600mm. With 900 rpm and airflow, this fan provides a cooling experience.
  • ✅ VERSATILE USE & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: This ceiling fan 4 blades high speed is versatile and can be used in various locations such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.
  • ✅ SPECIFICATION: With a modern theme and solid pattern, this high speed ceiling fans for home ceiling adds a stylish touch to any room. Featuring multiple speed settings, wider blade tips, and dynamically balanced blades.
  • ✅ NOISE REDUCTION: This small celling fan 600 mm is designed to operate quietly and with high-quality performance.

Candes Star 1200mm/48 inch High Speed Anti-dust Decorative 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan 405 RPM with 2 Yrs Warranty (Coffee Brown, Pack of 1)

Rs. 2,299
Rs. 1,629
4 new from Rs. 1,629
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 3:49 PM


  • Energy Efficient - Low Power Consumption fan designed to save on your electricity bill. Candes Ceiling Fan with High-Speed Consumes Lesser Power Consumption to Deliver Quick and Instant Air Feel. The Ceiling Fan of Candes is Designed with Wider Tip Blades, to Ensure Maximum Comfort, Better Air Spread and Quick Air Delivery
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – High-Speed Ceiling Fan with New Shades and Blades for Enhancing Aesthetics. Roof Fan has a Rust-Proof Coating, Which Prevents Rusting and Ensures the Longer Life of the product. Candes Ceiling Fan is Equipped with High Technology for Smooth Operations
  • High Air Flow - Consistent Speed Even at Low Voltage. The Ceiling Fan from Candes Runs with No Drop in Speed During Voltage Fluctuations. The Ceiling Fan Allowing You to Enjoy Consistent Airflow even during power outages. The Roof Ceiling Fan has a Strong and Powerful Motor that Ensures Durability and Reliability
  • Sleek and Unique Design – Candes Ceiling Fan has a Sleek and Modern Design that Elevates the Decor of Your Entire Room. The Ceiling Fan for Home is Designed with Large Blades to Offer an Airflow to Instantly Fill the Room with Cool and Comforting Air
  • Easy to Clean – Ceiling Fan for Living Room Ensures Easy Hassle-Free Cleaning of the Blade Surface and Especially Along the Edges, Where Dust Generally Gathers. Dust Resistant Blades Ensure Easy Maintenance and Longevity of the Product

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